call center solution


Our Call Center Solution is an End-To-End Restaurant Management Platform.

It integrates with all major POS systems synchronizing your customer personal information, inventory, delivery management, along with other helpful applications under one platform.

Whether you manage one or multiple locations, our Call Center Solution is designed to provide you with the necessary tools in providing a superior personalized customer service.

Delivery Management Solution


Our Delivery Management Solution allows dispatchers to create, manage, and assign take-out orders to drivers for small businesses with one location to larger organizations.

Is an advanced dispatch software to streamline delivery operations to help businesses increase efficiencies, expand, and boost revenue.

Delivery Application Solution


An End-To-End Delivery Tracking platform for better operational efficiency.

With our Delivery Application Solution, you can manage and enhance your delivery logistics by optimizing routes, real time tracking, performance monitoring, and superior customer experience through SMS and WhatsApp notifications.


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