Restaurant Call Center Management Solution

Committed in providing Restaurant Chains advanced technology resources, essential to streamline operations to meet restaurant’s growing customer demands

Micros Res 3700 A
Micros Res 3700
POS Integration

✔ Order Entry
✔ Menu Extraction
✔ Automatic Pricing Update
✔ Block Stock Out Products

Micros Res 3700 B
Micros Res 3700
POS Integration

✔ Order Tracking
✔ KDS Integration
✔ Live Monitoring

Micros Symphony A
Micros Simphony
POS Integration

✔ Scripting
✔ Smart ACD
✔ Delivery Driver Management
✔ Driver's Android App

Micros Symphony B
Micros Simphony
POS Integration

- Driver Live Tracking
- Web & Mobile Ordering
- No Hardware Requirement
- Order Entry

VoIP Call Center Solution Asterisk Integration

✔ VoIP Solution
✔ SoftPhone Included
✔ Caller ID Detection
✔ Call Recording

VoIP Call Center Solution Asterisk Integration

✔ Live Monitoring
✔ Scripting
✔ SMS Notifications
✔ WhatsApp Notifications

main features

supervisor module

Find opportunities to improve your customer experience and stay informed on your business processes with our Supervisor Module.

Have full control of your business operations by monitoring your agents, inventory, and analytics. System can be customized to meet the unique needs of your operations.

Automatic Call Distribution (acd)

Avoid long wait time and improve your customer experience with our sophisticated phone router. 

Calls are sort, managed, and distribute to an available agent, features are fully customizable.

Integrated Softphone with Caller ID

Mimic the functionality of your desk phone on your screen with our VoIP Softphone software.

It comes with all necessary features – calls transferring, hold, multiple lines and voicemail. Manage team’s communications effectively directly from the server.

SMS & WhatsApp Notifications

Strengthen your customer support and engage in real-time communication providing order details and tracking through SMS & WhatsApp Notification.

key features

call center solution

✔ End-to-End Restaurant Management Platform
✔ Seamlessly integrated with your POS
✔ VoIP Phone System
✔ Customer Data Management

delivery management

✔ Create, Manage, and Assign Orders to Drivers
✔ Boots Delivery Profitability
✔ Best Route Management
✔ Automatic/Manual Order Dispatch to Drivers

delivery application

✔ Delivery Tracking Solution
✔ Ensure On-Time Deliveries
✔ Heatmap Delivery Analytics
✔ SMS and WhatsApp Alert Notification

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